Saturday, October 11, 2008

The sweetness of my girls

We lost our sweet dog Bosco about 2 1/2 years ago. He was the first dog that Judd and I got before we were even married. Chloe remembers this happening, because she will ask about him often. Last week we were eating breakfast, and she starting asking about him. Chloe-"Mommy did the angels fly Bosco up to heaven"? Mommy- "Yes, sweetie I believe they did." Chloe- "Mommy will Jesus and the angels make sure he does not fall out of the sky?" Mommy- "Chloe everyone that is in heaven are taking extra special care of Bosco!" Chloe- "I really miss Bosco..I want him to come back down from heaven and come back to our house." Mommy- "I miss him too, but Jesus was ready for him to come to Heaven, and leave earth." Chloe- "Hey I have an idea, lets pray to Jesus that he will let Bosco come back down to see us, and when he does our family will stand outside and catch him with a blanket, so he does not fall and bump his head when he comes down from Heaven!" So we stop eating and said this sweet, precious, innocent prayer. Berkley was clapping the whole time we were talking about this. I am sure she was happy we were eating, and we were all together!! My sweet girls!!!