Monday, June 30, 2008

Rock Stars

My girls LOVE their Aunt Rachel and cousin Sadie. They are like Rock Stars to both of them. Whenever Chloe knows they are coming over, or she is going to get to see them she gets beside herself (this is also great blackmail whenever I want them to behave..) Sadie is soo good with both of the girls. Berkley loves for Sadie to hold her. I think she likes to look at Sadie because she is so pretty! Chloe follows her around like a lost puppy. She even wants to go with her to the bathroom, and Sadie lets her unless I know about it before hand then I let her have 2 minutes of privacy. She is such a pretty and sweet young lady. Rachel would do anything for the girls, and she spoils them rotten! Chloe has her so fooled, and it is only a matter of time before Berkley sucks her right in too, but then again Sadie has me wrapped around her finger, so who I am to talk!

Sadie with her two BIGGEST fans!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

True Love

I really do not like having my picture taken. That is why 98% of the photos taken are by yours truly. My good friend Martha took both of these pictures of me with my girls, and I adore them! They were both around the same age at the time they were taken. She sent the picture of Chloe and I to me for Mother's Day, and wrote in the card True Love. I could not agree more! My friend Nancy told me that once I had children my life would never be the same..of course that was certainly true! It is like when I am not with them, I feel there is a part of me and my heart that is missing! I never knew how you could truly love something soo much until we were blessed with these 2 precious girls, so whenever I am down or need a reminder of how blessed I am I look at these pics, and it always brightens my day!

Miss Hot Shot

Berkley started walking a few weeks ago (her daddy is soo happy) he loves it when the kids can walk. She is walking more and more everyday. Now that she is comfortable with it, she likes to carry things around and walk. Chloe will yell at me with all the things she has in her hands.."mommy she has the remote control" "mommy she has your books." The other night "miss thang" decided to carry around her big pink ball! It is as big as her! She could not see where she was going. She would run into things, and bounce right back up, and go at it again! It was soo funny to watch her waddle around! She did not want any help..Miss Independent (I have no idea where she gets this from??..ha!)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Funny Girls

I love random candid moments that my girls do!! They crack me up! Chloe is such a "girly girl" she loves putting on her make-up and dressing up in my clothes and shoes. Berkley is everywhere! She is soo active, and most of the time she is into something she should not be. When you get on to her, she gives you this sneaky look and points her finger at you...I think the finger means how dare you tell me no!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Chloe!

Chloe had such a great Birthday! Her party was this past Saturday. There were a couple of family parties thrown in also. She actually had two parties Saturday. Her good friend Abby was that morning, and hers was later that afternoon. Chloe and Abby are two days apart. Abby's mom Crystal and I always have to plan out their parties details, so the parties won't over lap, or sometimes we just have them together. Most of Chloe's friends were able to make it to the party. She had soo much fun swimming, playing with her friends, and enjoying her princess castle cake (thanks Courtney). When I asked her what her favorite part of her party was, she told me it was opening her presents. She made me blow out her candles. She did not want all the attention on her (mommy did not want any attention on her either) I cannot believe she is 4 years old!

My Berkley Bear

Berkley is such a happy baby! It makes me wonder sometimes how she is my child..ha! She smiles all of the time, and the smile is so big you can usually see inside her whole mouth. She adores Chloe, and her favorite place to be is her big sis's room. Chloe usually enjoys her being in there...but when she starts going for her princess stuff then sometimes it becomes a problem. I love to watch the two of them bond!

T-ball Days

Chloe just finished her first season of t-ball. Her daddy was the coach, along with another dad, and good friend. Her best bud Eva Grace was on her team, so you can imagine they were quite the entertainment! On some of the warmer games they would sit in the dugout enjoy their drinks, and cheer the other teammates on. She had soo much fun playing. She did really well, and made some new friends! They ended the season with a party at Chuck E Cheese. We will really miss playing. I am already ready for next season.