Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Christmas Joy.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! The Reed family certainly did! The girls got lots of stuff, and we have no room for it. No one was sick (which is unusual because normally one of the kiddos is). So Christmas evening we were coming home from a very long day in K'town Missouri. We were all very tired. I had figured the girls had zonked out because they were very quiet. About the time I looked back to check on them I saw Berkley looking for Chloe and reaching her hand out for her. Chloe very gently grabbed her little hand and held onto it the rest of the way home. You could tell Berkley was content holding her sisters hand. I saw Chloe rubbing her little fingers. I did not take a picture of it because I was afraid they would stop. We weren't doing much talking and for some reason the radio was very low, but I could hear Silent Night playing softly. I said a small prayer, and was so thankful for this sweet simple moment. It made my Christmas very happy and fulfilling. It was a perfect way to end our Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Party like a Christmas Star!

Chloe's school party was this past Thursday. She had the best time! She got to be Santa's helper and sit beside him, and hand him candy to give to all the students. She was so excited! She tried to act real cool like it was no big deal. Her teacher and I were cracking up because you could tell she was beside herself with happiness. The kids were all high off all the sugar that had put in their little bodies, running around everywhere acting like little sugar junkies. It was quite a site to see! Her buddy Jackson (the red head boy in the pic)got her a Hannah Montanna Build a Bear doll, and oh my goodness Chloe was beyond excitement. Now the bear goes everywhere she goes.. her room, the bathroom, the bed, the car, and anywhere else she is. If Berkley goes near it she STROKES out! I like to mess with her and hide it when she's not looking, or put it in Berkley's room. Just little mind games mom likes to play :-)

Santa's Elves

Oh how we love this time of year! Any reason for a cute photo shoot! Just too sweet not to show off!