Monday, March 23, 2009

Things we hope to accomplish over Spring Break

**CAUTION..Some things may appear more than once.

- Sleep In

- Take Nap

- Eat a lot of Junk Food containing sugar

- Kiss Berkley

- Kiss Chloe (she will try and fight it but she will get over it)

- Take Nap

- Hang out with gal pals

- Take Nap

- Eat at Upper Crust at least 3 times

- Hug Chloe (she will act weird)

- Hug Berkley (she can't enough lovins)

- Eat more junk food

- Shop (need to purchase Easter dresses for sure)

- Sleep In

- Do moderate cleaning....ugh

- Facebook

- Bunco at Barrett's casa

- Take Nap

- Play silly with the girls

- Get a pedi

- Harass Daddy at work and tell him how much fun we are having!

- Lay on Couch

- Play outside (weather permitting)

- Kiss Chloe (you know what she will do)

- Kiss Berkley

- Take Nap

We got lots to do! Hope we can fit it all in this week!!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Funny Stuff

This pics just make me feel warm and fuzzy!!!

Excuse me Mr. President,

So a few weeks ago I picked Chloe up from school and we were talking about her day. Out of the blue this is what she stars asking me:

Chloe: Mommy do you know what I want for Presidents Day?

Mommy: (thinking to myself when did we start exchanging gifts for this day?) No Chloe what do you want for Presidents Day?

Chloe: Well, I would like for Barack Obama, Sasha, and Malia to come to our house and play.

Mommy: Sweetie I think that he is too busy working in Washington.

Chloe: Do you think you could call him when we get home and ask him?

Mommy: I don't have his number

Chloe: Well, he still has his blackberry I heard them say that on tv. Call him at the White House and see if he wants to come to Jonesboro.

Mommy: (Oh, a little freaked out at this point)

I explain to her and tell her that I do not know President Obama well enough to call him, but I told her we would write him a letter.

Later on that evening I heard the tv on in the kitchen. I just assumed that Chloe had turned on the tv to Disney or Nickelodeon. She had been watching it for awhile so I went to see what she had on... She was watching MSNBC??

Mommy: What are you watching??

Chloe: Barack Obama is on this station.

Mommy: Have you been watching this very long

Chloe: Yea, I am waiting for him to come back on.

Mommy: Ok, Chloe whatever...

A few days later we come home and Chloe wants to watch YouTube. She wanted to watch Barack Obama, so we put it on a clip of him and his girls. I figure after about 10 minutes she wants to watch something else. I go and find her watching President Obama's speech the night of the election . She watched it 3 times! Later that night I ask her what she got out of the speech... She thinks for a second and she says CHANGE.

Her Daddy is not very happy with this new interest. He voted for the other guy. We now have to watch all his speeches, and anything else that pertains to him.