Sunday, April 5, 2009

We got a SCARY DDDDDDora!!

Other than her Daddy Berkleys' favorite person these days is Dora. Whenever the show is on she is in a trance the whole time watching it. She never takes her eyes off of it! If she hears the theme song she will freeze and take off running to see it. It is really cute! So the girls come back from Aunt Rachel house with the biggest Dora I have ever seen!! It is bigger than Berkley, and almost weighs more than Chloe! It is very creepy push her hands and she says all kinds of things. So anytime we want to here Dora's high pitched, sweet, annoying voice, it is only a push on the hand away. Berkley thinks it is the best thing ever!! She goes up to it all of the time and gives her hugs and kisses. Whenever I see it I am thinking we have another kid in the house I forgot about! It freaks me out in the dark...I am afraid she is going to start talking to me in Spanish and it won't be nice things!! I am thinking about calling "Swiper the Fox" and seeing if he can come swipe it away.... Awww Man!!! Thanks Aunt Rachel!!