Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chloe's Perspective

It seems like the older that Berkley gets the more of a daddy's girl she is. We call her his shadow. It is really sickening! She has total meltdowns whenever he leaves a room or closes a door. A few weeks ago out of nowhere Chloe came up to me and said (picture 4 year old spunky girl with hand on her hip trying to act like she is 15) "Um Mommy how come Berkley like never cries whenever you leave the room or closes the door??" My reply to this precious darling(GRIT MY TEETH AND BITING MY TONGUE!!).."Well Chloe sometimes she does get upset if I leave her." Chloe's reply "Only if daddy is not here." What a precious child she is blossoming in to (GRITTING MY TEETH HARDER!!!)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

How do they work so hard, and still look soo good?

I guess it was wishful thinking that we were only going to be in school for about a month, and then it would be summer break again..ha! Both girlies are in different places this year. This is the first year that they have not been with me at school. It has been quite an adjustment for moms! Chloe is at University Heights Pre-K. She LOVES it!! She loves everything about school, her teachers, her friends, eating in the cafeteria, and anything else. Several of her friends go to school there too, so she loves seeing them, and she can't wait to tell me she saw them. Berkley is staying at Mrs. Dena's house. She has 2 other kiddos the same age as her. She loves it now, but the first 2 weeks were rough on her....lots of tears shed, but it is all good now. I love fall! I love all the activities that are coming up..the Fair, Halloween, Fall Festivals, Basketball, Thanksgiving, and the ole fat man in the red suit hopefully will visit our house. I hope all of you in blogger land are having a groovy fall, and those of you that work in the public school system I hope your school year is going well. As you can see in the pics we are starting Berkley out early on household chores. She does very well, and does not complain when she has to do it. Chloe works hard at keeping her self looking fab! She has invested in Hannah Montanna make-up, and anything else related to Ms. Cyrus. Peace out!