Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hangin with the Boys

Chloe first started daycare/school when she was 8 weeks old. For the first year she was the only girl in her class. There she was surrounded by 4 little boys. If you worried about her holding on her own with the boys..never fear she did. As the years went on 2 of the boys went to different schools, except for two of them Jackson and Atlas. These three amigos have never been apart. The three of them have been to each others birthday parties, been to each other houses to play. Whenever one of them was sick, you could bet the other two would be next...that would always happen! They all three even had the same surgery around the same time for their ears. Jackson and Atlas have always been soo sweet to Chloe. This past school year was the last that the kiddos would all be at the same school,that they started when they were babies. They will all be in a new school this year. Chloe and Jackson will still be together (it will a hard time separating those two) We are sad to say that Atlas and his family are moving to Mountain Home. We will miss him very much! We hope to keep in touch. A few weeks ago Chloe and the boys got together one last time to play at Atlas's house for his birthday. It was a very fun and sad time. We are just thankful for all the fun times they have had the past 4 years!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stylin Gals

She is a year old now, so we figured it was time for Berkley's first haircut. Her hair was beginning to get in her eyes, so we called up our girl Lora and made an appointment for all three of us. Chloe informed me of the order the haircuts would take place. Berkley would be first, then mommy, then her. I was not sure how lil sis would do, or how long she would sit still. She did very well, and almost made it to the end. Her new do looks swell, and Lora told me she will have thicker hair than Chloe. I am so glad the girls did not get hair like mine. It is straight as a board, and is not fun at all to manage. Unfortunately, there was no time to get a pic of mommy gettin her haircut(darn maybe next time) but we did get some of the girlies.

Ok, this has absolutely nothing to do with haircuts or anything even closely related, but I have to tell this new thing I have discovered. Everyone knows about our new dog Wanda, and all that. I am starting to think that Reese now thinks he is a girl dog. He rarely hikes his leg anymore, he always squats just like her, and I am tellin ya he used to raise it on anything standing still. Should I be worried?? Or is this just like most men, and the poor thing can't think for himself now that a woman of his breed is in the house...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

VBS 2008 Over and Out!!

We wrapped up our VBS Friday night. We all had a great time at VBS this year! I think the adults had just has much fun as the kiddos did. Erica and I had the 5 & 6 year old youngsters. They were a great group! Chloe loved VBS! She did so good! She really came out of her shell this past week. One night Amy B was asking all the kids a question about what they all were learning, and to my surprise I looked over and Chloe has her hand up to answer the question. This is so not typical Chloe behavior. She does not like any attention on her, and clams up in front of any audience. So I was stunned the hand was up! Amy called on her and feared she would be mortified by it, but she just answered real softly. She even performed the song and dance moves on family night. So, needless to say we were very shocked and happy at how well she did at VBS!