Saturday, January 3, 2009

Farewell Great Christmas Break...

Well we knew it had to happen eventually.... that date I never liked hearing or never thought would actually get here. Monday January we go again...ugh. Oh how we will miss those lazy days of staying in our PJs all day..loungin around doing a whole lot of nothin...staying up late..sleeping in (I will be in shock Sunday when I have to get up for church) This has been a great long break, and thankfully we have all been healthy and really enjoyed it. I am hoping we get a snow day around February, and then before you know it its Spring Break, and after that its all downhill from there. So if we look REALLY REALLY hard you can see those May flowers blooming.

I will miss bloggin and facebookin everyday just for funsies(stole that word from Danna) and reading all my buds posts and walls. Chloe can't wait to go back to school. She has been ready to go back right after Christmas was over..What is up with that?? You would rather be at school than home?? Makes me feel special!! I am thankful I have a job that I love otherwise Monday would be just too much to bear, so all of you starting back Monday my heart is heavy with you...boohoo!! I have nothing more positive to say or add..I am going to go fake cry now :-(

Friday, January 2, 2009

Cuteness with ATTITUDE!

Most of you in my blogger world know these three little cuties, but in case you don't pictured is Eva Grace(wonder who made her shirt?)Avery, and Chloe. These three girlies are one of a kind. I could write a book on all of them! When they are together it is quite a show. The night these pics were taken everyone in Wal-Mart knew they were there. One minute they are loving all over each other. The next minute it is a WWE wrestling match, and they are tearing into each other. You might think the moms break up the fight, but most of the time we just sit back, laugh, and watch the show, and then after the match is over they are back to being BFFs. Most of the local restaurants know us when we arrive (not sure if there excited or scared when they see us coming). Some of the girls most favorite places are Chick-fil-a (remember the screaming day there Barrett??), Coltons (our summer fav..remember the dingy Waiter we always got Erica??), Salsa's(the Barrett family should own stock in that place), and Upper Crust (they hang out at the bar there,and flirt with the cute Waiter Kyle..I think he thought the moms had a thang for him. He was so nice and patient with them) These three darlings are very much alike, but are also very different. They are very headstrong, spunky, funny, lovable, sweet, smart, sassy, independent, and cute girlies. Look out Kindergarten teachers!! They are coming to your schools soon!!