Monday, June 22, 2009

Birthday at the Beach

When we were planning our vacation a while back we gave Chloe the option, we asked her if she wanted us to wait until after her birthday so she could be with her family and friends, or do you want to be at the beach on your birthday, and see your family and friends when we get back. Being the smart girl she is she opted to be at the beach (tuff decision I know) She had a great day! We woke her up on her b-day singing "Happy Birthday" to her. Every time I would see her I would start singing(which she hated..Yay Mommy!) we wanted to have the waitress at the restaurant sing to her, but we knew she would be scarred for life.

It was rainy and cloudy most of her birthday, so we spent most of the day shopping and talking about the day she was born. She loves to hear about this day. What time was she born? Who all was there? What was everyone wearing? Were you scared that I was coming out of your belly? Why did it take me so long to get here? How many times did Mrs. Amy call Daddy's phone that day? Did I cry when I came out of your belly? Did I sleep good at the hospital? Did a lot of people get to hold me?

She loved being at the beach on her b-day with some of her favorite people,her Aunt Rachel, Uncle Chuck, and cousin Sadie. She was so happy they were there. She got a new CD, and MP3 player for her birthday, and she is also going to the Miley Cyrus concert in Memphis. Check out the cute shirts Barrett made for the birthday girl, and lil sis! Got lots of cute comments about those! I think I gave a few people her webpage. Chloe had a wonderful birthday!! I can't believe my baby is friggin hoo!!

My girls Chloe, Berkley, and Sadie. My girls are obsessed with Sadie! She is soo sweet with them!

This stuff is awesome!! Everytime we got the cake and ice cream out, Berkley would take off running to the chair ready for her plate!

The Birthday Girl

Chloe and Sadie

Oh Wow the new Jonas Brothers CD. Thanks Aunt Rachel, Chuck, and Sadie.

Make a Wish!

Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday girl! She was getting a little emabarssed at this point..ha!

Beach Birthday Cake.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Goodbye T-Ball 2009

This past Tuesday was Chloe's last T-ball game of the season. She had a great time playing this year, and did really well! We are very proud of her! Her team was awesome! The kids and the parents! We got to hang out with some ole friends, and made some new ones too.

After the game the team headed to Chucky E Cheese to partay down! The girls got their trophies too! It was Girlie Madness I tell ya...Madness! The kiddos had a blast (the lil sis were having a blast too) The parents looked scared and tired. I think that is the look of most parents at Chucky E Cheese. We are very sad that the season is over, but already making plans for next season!

Chloe and her friend Taylor partay the night away!

Helping my sister celebrate!

Check out the cool trophy!

Chloe and Eva Grace. The hats are almost bigger than they are.

The cute little sisters!! They were the girls biggest fans!

Swing batta batta Swing!!