Thursday, June 11, 2009

Goodbye T-Ball 2009

This past Tuesday was Chloe's last T-ball game of the season. She had a great time playing this year, and did really well! We are very proud of her! Her team was awesome! The kids and the parents! We got to hang out with some ole friends, and made some new ones too.

After the game the team headed to Chucky E Cheese to partay down! The girls got their trophies too! It was Girlie Madness I tell ya...Madness! The kiddos had a blast (the lil sis were having a blast too) The parents looked scared and tired. I think that is the look of most parents at Chucky E Cheese. We are very sad that the season is over, but already making plans for next season!

Chloe and her friend Taylor partay the night away!

Helping my sister celebrate!

Check out the cool trophy!

Chloe and Eva Grace. The hats are almost bigger than they are.

The cute little sisters!! They were the girls biggest fans!

Swing batta batta Swing!!


Heather said...

cute!! wyatt missed 2 games while we were on vacation, and then 2nite he wanted to go to Abby's VBS instead of playing tball. I'm guessing that's not his thing...maybe soccer?? He needs more stimulation, i think.

Ashley Dobson said...

Very cute pictures! Looks like fun.

Amy Barrett said...

Sweetness I tell you! Pure sweetness!