Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chloe's Pre-k graduation, 50s style..sniff sniff

It was the week I had been dreading for months now. Chloe's last week of pre-school, and her hoo!! I cried every single day last week. I knew I would cry graduation day (which was Monday) but was not expecting the water works every other day...geez. Chloe was so excited about her graduation. She has been practicing at home on her songs, and her speech, which she did all by herself. You could not hear a word she said, but we were stunned that she even attempted it!! The program was very cute. Chloe got the little princess award. We were very proud of her! They did a little Grease Lightning dance, and some other cute songs that just made me cry more, and oh my goodness the slide show just sent me over the edge. Daddy was laughing at me the whole time.
The last day of school the kids took a field trip to Craighead Forest. They had lots of fun playing on the play ground, and getting wet at the splash park!!

The sad part is not leaving her friends(most of her close friends will also go to Kindergarten with her)it is leaving her teachers. They are soo wonderful, and they are not only great teachers, but have become dear friends of mine. They have been with Chloe since she was a baby. She loves them both very much, and so do I!! So as this chapter of her life is over I look back on the last 5 years. I am very proud of Chloe, and the little girl she is becoming. She is very independent, and she always shocks me with her little mind, and the things she can remember. She is a sweet and helpful big sister. As this point in her life when she grows up she wants to be a veterinarian, or a teacher. I think she would be great at either of them! She is soo excited about starting Kindergarten. I on the other hand am going to spend the summer in total denial of what August will bring!! Who's with me??!!


Stacy said...

why the HECK do your posts always make me CRY????
She is such a cutie pie. And yes, what is coming in August will pale in comparison to what you are feeling right now. Jake is finishing up FIRST GRADE. My Luke is graduating from Kindergarten this week and I can't believe it! At least we have a while to go with little bit still! They grow up so fast!

The Collins Family said...

OMG Amy! You're so emotional! If she was at Brookland, I would take care of her. No pressure!

Amy Barrett said...

She looked SO CUTE in her 50's outfit. I also loved the picture of her wet and grinning and the one of your family with your mom! Great pictures Ames!