Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why I like being Chloe and Berkley's Mommy...

It is the bestest, funniest, cutest, craziest, sweetest, messiest, and smartest thing I ever done. My girls and I were chatting about Mother's Day coming up, and Chloe starts with the 23 questions..

Are you and all the mommies going to have a party with cake?? Now you may be on to something there!

Are you going to tell me and Berkley you love us like a hundred times...we get it you loves us Mommy!! That makes me love you even more....ugh!!

Can I be a mommy so I can have a Mother's Day?? In about 32 years!

Can me, Daddy, and Berkley get you lots of presents?? If you insist!!

What about the kids that don't have Mommies?? We pray for them.

How many days till my birthday?? 38 after Mother's Day.

Mommy teachers are our mommies at school aren't they?? Right on there smarty pants!!

Mommy do you love your Mommy?? Very much so!!

Mommy I know Berkley loves you cuz she yells your name really loud when she sees you!! Tru Dat..

Mommy I am glad Jesus picked you to be mine and Berkley's Mommy...Not as glad as Mommy is!!

Whether you are a mommy to wild kids, calm kids, furry kids, have hubbys that are kids, my teacher pals that are mommies to 15-30 kiddos everyday I wish you all a Happy Freakin Mother's Day!!!


Ashley Dobson said...

Aww, that is so sweet!!

Happy Mother's Day to you too!!

Stacy said...

dang you. You always make me cry. Happy Mother's day to YOU!

Crystal said...

Love that- you can tell, Chloe is a thinker- the questions should get more and more interesting as she gets older. Happy Hot Mama's Day!!