Sunday, July 27, 2008

Big Sisters new Ride

Avery being so sweet and letting Chloe drive her jeep.

I think Berkley is telling her to push the gas and lets go!

How cool are we mom???

So it seems like forever that Chloe Bug has so badly wanted a princess/barbie jeep. Her friends Avery and Taylor have one, and every time she is at either girls house she usually stays on their jeep the entire time. Sadie has an old one that she has told us we could have. I guess we are all just lazy and did not want to get it for her (bad parents). Chloe and Daddy took a road trip Saturday to the bootheel of Missouri to help my grandma set up her new tv and stand, so after they finished with that they went up the road a little farther to Piggott and FINALLY got the barbie jeep. Chloe is so pumped that she has her very own jeep to ride...lil sis is excited too she loves to be her passenger. She gets irritated when she has to get off. The jeep needs a good detail job, and daddy is going to get some seat belts. The girls were riding this afternoon and big sis took a sharp right and lil sis came rollin out. It was quite a funny scene (she rolled on grass and there were no tears) if it had been on the driveway, it would have been a blood and tears scene. Chloe is very happy to have her own barbie jeep. Mommy and Daddy are happy the jeep was free! Thanks Sadie!!

Gettin ready for VBS....

Our church's VBS starts Monday night and goes until Friday. We are very excited about VBS. I think I am just as excited as Chloe is! She has the best teachers, and several of her friends are in class with her too. We have been working on VBS for the past two Thursdays, and then tonight we got to decorate our rooms. I am assisting Erica this year, and I think we are going to have a great time! Chloe was very excited that she got to see Eva Grace tonight. The whole Barrett family has been ill over the past month it seems like. Chloe has really missed Eva Grave, and was very happy she was at church. The whole crew had fun decorating and hanging out with friends. More bible school pics to come later this week.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Berkley!!

Our Berkley was 1 year old this past Wednesday..boohoo. She had a great birthday! She was very happy on her big day, but that is no different from any other day. We had a little family party on her b-day with my fam..then we are doing daddy's fam on Sunday. This past year has went by so fast (I know I say that all the time, but it has). I thought in honor of our girl's big day I would mention some funny, weird, cute, sweet, unique, happy, and other things about her that make her so special. Alright lets break down those smiles. We know she smiles all of the time, but the thing is the smiles are all different, no one smile is the same. She has about 10 different smiles. Smile 1- When she first sees Chloe in the morning. I stop whatever I am doing and watch her. She begins to glow! I love it! Smile 2- When she is has been caught doing something wrong (she usually adds a pointed finger at you along with the smile) Smile 3- Before and After she is about to consume food. The girl can eat some serious grub. She gets so happy when she knows she is about to eat, and then after she has stuffed her face there is this smile of pure satisfaction for her accomplishments. Smile 4- Mischievous smile..This one is usually when she is going for something of Chloe's that she knows she will freak out about. Smile 5- When her daddy comes in the door from work. There is also bouncing and shaking involved with one. Smile 6- When someone new is holding her, she smiles when they reach for her, but as she is going to them the smile kinda has a scary look to it. Smile 7- When we sing to her..loves it, claps for us when we are done..she is probally glad it is over!! Smile 8- When she sees a little one like herself. She loves her little friends! Smile 9- When I go and wake her up even before she opens her eyes she has this sweet grin on her face. Smile 10- When she sees the camera she knows just what to do. We love all her smiles, but one must wonder does her face hurt from all those smiles??

- Berkley has began this new thing, she will take food out of her mouth and offer it to you. It is usually mixed in with something of a totally different food group, but hey gotta give her props for sharing.
- Whenever she does get fussy food always does the trick.
- She has "mad" dancing skills. Whenever we have music on she bounces up and down.
- I think her personality is a combination of her Aunt Rachel and my mom. They are both big smilers, and my mom is an abnormally happy and upbeat individual (a trait I obviously missed out on).
- She has absolutely no interest in tv (her daddy thinks that is abnormal)
- We do not recall many times when she is awake that she is still...unless she is eating.
- She likes to empty out my underwear drawer, and scatter them among the house.
- She loves any attention that she can get. She likes to play shy, but she eats it all up.
- She loves to ride the 4-wheeler with her daddy.
- For the past 364 days she has been scared to death of the vacuum. She flips out whenever I bring it out. I have to carry her, and vacuum at the same time, but for some reason on her b-day I guess miss big girl decided it was time let the fear go. She followed me around the entire time I vacuumed, and did not cry one time.
- The trust and love between Chloe and her is so genuine! They both amaze me everyday. I hope they are always this close. I can't wait to hear all the funny, rude, and weird things they say about Judd and I.
- She loves dog food. There is rarely a day that goes by that she is not caught with it in her mouth. Now when I catch her she just pulls it out of mouth and hands it to me. When she starts raising her leg up to urinate I will not be shocked one bit!
- She has starting holding both her arms back when she walks real fast. It looks like she is about to take off flying, but that has not happened yet. It is so funny to see it though.
-OMG the slobber this child produces is insane. I have never seen quite so much! You never get a dry kiss..they are always nice and juicy..which is fine with us.
I hope this next year of Berkley's life is as great as the first one! She is such a wonderful, happy, and sweet baby girl!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A new addition to the Reeds.....

For those of you who thought I might be... you know the big "P" word..Shame on you!!! Over the weekend we added to our family another dog, and three fish. We already have one dog Reese a weimermaner. He looks like a small horse up to the girls. I have REALLY wanted another dog. Reese has been very lonely since we lost our Bosco a couple of years ago, and I like having 2 dogs. Judd has been very stern on not wanting another dog, but that still did not stop me from wanting one, actually it made me want one even more. I even got Chloe on the bandwagon too. She would mentioned to Daddy in her sweetest, manipulative voice "Daddy I sure wish we could have a new puppy." He seems to give in to her faster than he will me...thats a little unfair..but Any hoo, Amy B mentioned to me that her bro Adam was looking to find a home for his dog Wanda a weimeraner(which is what I have been wanting) Adam brought Wanda over to meet Reese last week. They sniffed around on each others areas..used the bathroom everywhere the other one did, and immediately became buds. Once Judd saw Wanda he could not resist. She has fit in very well with our family. Her favorite person is Chloe (she must have heard how to get things done around here too) She is the sweetest dog, and we love that she is here with us. We are not sure if her stay here is permanent or temporarily, but we are happy that she is here. The other critters that we have are 3 goldfish. There names are Flippy, Kissy, and Orange Belly. Does not take long to figure out who named them. They seemed to have adjusted well in Chloe's room. She told me today that you have to be a very responsible person to have a pet, and she was not sure if I was ready for the fish to be in my room. She also said she would teach me how to feed the fish. One might say that our house is becoming a zoo. It was that way before all the new animals arrived, but we like to think of it as does seemed a little cramped when we are all in the bathroom together. Thank goodness everyone is house trained around here..well Daddy has occasional accidents, but we are working on that :-)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Berkley's 1st Birthday Party

Our Berkley's Bear's 1st birthday party was today. It was a lot of fun. Most her little friends that she invited were able to make it. Big sis was happy because most of the little friends also have big sis's too, so she thought it was a party for her too. Berkley was soo happy eatin her cute bear cake (thanks again Courtney!) I think she ate half the cake. Some of the things that she got were a cute beach towel, baby Einstein learning activity toy, super cute pink and black dress, cute hair bows, cool first year events book, shoes, and some more great stuff. I cannot believe she is almost a year old. Today there were a few times that wet, salty substance stuff was beginning to form in my eyes. I believe they call it crying... but I would just turn away so no one could see me until it went away. This year has went by so fast! I could get all sappy again, but I gotta stop that stuff. I feel as though I am losing my edge, and those children of mine are all to blame for it! Anyway, I am soo glad I am done hosting birthday parties for about 11 months...woohooo! I love to go to parties, not real big on hosting them so now I get a long break...woohoo again!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Who's ya Daddy??

So the Juddster and I were talking tonight, and I mentioned to him that I thought it was time I done a post on him. I could tell by the look on his face he was not thrilled. He said absolutely not! He did not want pics of him posted, and he said that he could only imagine what I would say about him. How could he think such a thing about me??? I could tell he was very upset, and hostile. I thought to myself what should I do about this situation.. I think he could tell I was laughing....oops I mean worried on the inside, so I gave him this very sympathetic look as I double clicked the mouse and away I went. The bond between this man, and our girls is unbelievable! I am definitely in 2ND place when it comes to favorites here. Sure they love me and all, but as soon as they see their daddy I am history. I have accepted my place and I deal with it. Some days are better than others. I know that when the teenage years get here my ranking will go up. If you mention wearing make-up, cell phones, dating, or moving away to college he gets very irate, and wants the subject changed immediately. He is in total denial of any of that ever happening.. I am soo thankful that he is such a great daddy! He loves to take them places, and play with them, and I know they love I will just sit back and enjoy my numero 2 ranking..Can't you tell how totally OK I am with it...ugh!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Swimming Lessons 2008

Chloe started her second summer of swimming lessons. Several of her friends are in the class. She has done very well! I am hoping she will jump off the diving board on her last class. I am going to do some bribing this week, and whatever else it takes to make that happen. She has the sweetest teacher Ms. Erin. She is very patient with the girls, and like Danna said I am sure there is a lot of giggling going on. The girls are soo cute following behind Ms. Erin like little ducklings.

Cute, funny, and happy times...

I love that big pink hair bow that my Berkley Bear has , but I can't get her to wear the darn thing. I explain to her how cute she looks in it, and that I really want her to wear it, but just as I slide it on her head she gives me this dumbfounded look, and slides it right off. What's up with that??
We have had such a great summer so far! Especially on the days we get to be in water with our buddies. Both girls love the water! Berkley likes to go under the water, but she hasn't quite got the holding your breath under water thing yet or closing your mouth when you go under...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The one with the nap....

Remember the episode of Friends where Joey and Ross take a nap together, and it was the best nap ever for them both...Love that one!! Well yesterday I took a little nappers with the girls, and it was the best ever! I did not realize I was so tired, but I was in one of those hard deep sleeps. I had to make myself get up. I LOVE sleeping with the girls. I tend to get into a bad habit in the summer and take naps. I just love to cuddle with them. I do not sleep the whole time they do, just rest my eyes for a bit then get up and do some bloggin.. The girls love to cuddle, even if they are laying on opposite sides of the bed they always end up against each other. Notice in the picture how the heads are tilted the same, and the their mouths are open about the same... Cuties! I wonder if I look that cute when I am asleep?? Heck no!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Could this be the next American Idol??

One of the neat things about my Chloe bug is that she loves her some music! Some of her favorite artist are Fergie, Rhianna, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Chris Daughtery, David Cook, Jordan Sparks, Justin Timberlake (woohoo), and Janet Jackson (one of mommy's favs) I love that she is so into music because I am a music freak. It is so much fun listening to music with her, and shopping for Cd's together, and watching (appropriate) videos. My mom and her were driving along the other day, and it was blowing moms mind all of the artist she would recognize on the radio, and the songs. Her favorite artist is Carrie Underwood. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have had to listen to "Before he Cheats" I know very intimate details of the song I have heard it so much! We have videos recorded of Carrie. She loves everything about the girl, so when we found out she was coming to J'boro we knew we had to take her. She is soo excited! She has a karaoke machine, and she will play her music, and sing along. It is so stinkin cute to watch her perform. Judd and I are hoping we got a star right here in our house!

Rockin out to "American Girl"